Return to Island Time- Part III, Looking In and Looking Out

While it has been snowing back home I’ve been musing the past couple of days about one sailor’s perspective. It is well understood by sea goers that when a sailor is at sea he longs for the land and when he is on land he looks toward the sea. From Merchant Ships I looked toward the Azores, South Africa, Mozambique, Colombia, England, France, Holland. From sailing vessels I looked toward St. Thomas, Quadeloupe, Bequia, Grenada, St. Lucia. In the Caribbean, I spent most every night lying on deck gazing at the lights decorating the islands and the star filled sky. I speculated what might be happening within those lights, what might be going on at home, or what my seagoing future might lead to.

Once again, I stand beneath the stars of the Caribbean night watching the cruise ships parade by St. John, decorated with their lights. and making passage to their next port of call. This time I watch from shore looking out to sea.

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