Seabbatial Log #11- My Seabbatical, in hindsight


IMG_0240After 27 years of teaching at Tabor, I had the good fortune to receive and enjoy a fall semester sabbatical, which I have dubbed my “Seabbatical.” My Seabbatical has provided me the time and space to travel, write, volunteer, collaborate and spend time with my daughter. I’ve been asked countless times, “What have you been doing on your sabbatical?” My typical reply is, “ALL of the things that I wouldn’t have time for when I am working.”

The following are snippets (some but certainly not all) of my Seabattical experiences. For further reading please refer to my Seabattical Log series #1 through #11 in my personal blog:

TravelIMG_0277 IMG_4560

The Spanish Virgin Islands, my favorite sailing territories, are outlined by St. Thomas, Vieques, Culebra, and Puerto Rico. My Seabattical provided me with the time to voyage, swim, snorkel, practice my Spanish, and live-aboard a Jeanneau 349 cruising sailboat. I lavished in the 84-degree air temperature, the 82-degree water temperature, and the consistent 20-knot easterly trade winds. I was in sailing and swimming heaven! Meeting new people and experiencing new places, I was continually reminded that in Puerto Rico, the culture is all about the romance!


During my sabbatical I took pause to write a series of eleven Seabbatical Log essays. In addition to this writing series, my latest professional technical writing was published in the December 2015 Small Boats Monthly on-line publication. My product review was about the merits of Linseed Oil Based Paints. As part of the research for this article I ventured to Mystic Seaport to interview the shipwrights for the Charles W. Morgan restoration. During the entire restoration linseed oil based paints were used for historical and practical reasons. You’ll find a greater level of detail about the review in my #10 Seabbatical log post:

Volunteer and Collaborate

IMG_5019During the fall I volunteered at the Lloyd Center for the Environment in Dartmouth, Mass. I painted their marine critter touch tank, raked leaves, and maintained the public walking trails. I am currently working with the Lloyd Center, the Padanaram Oyster Farm, and the Dartmouth Harbormaster to develop a collaborative oyster growing education program at the Lloyd Center for this coming summer.

Spend Time with My Daughter

IMG_0246With a more flexible daily schedule I’ve been able to regularly assist my daughter in her afterschool job of mucking horse paddocks at the barn. I’ve found that slinging horse manure with your daughter provides for occasional intimate conversations and at other times silence. When you have a pitchfork in your hands there is no time for texting and YouTube. I’ve also been helping her learn how to drive. An activity that is not for the faint of heart I assure you.

In a couple of weeks I enthusiastically return to my full-time faculty responsibilities. I do so with a set of recharged batteries and renewed vigor!



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