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Down Island 25 Years Later

I returned to Grenada 25 years later. The first time I was Down Island was on the Great St. James, an 85′ Motorsailer, as first mate. After dropping off our month long charter, I rented a purple Honda Elite motor … Continue reading

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Captain Dave’s new CatNip-N-Grip cat toy

Island Time Pets new cat toy the CatNip-n-Grip as featured in the upcoming issue of Cat Fancy magazine! Magic the cat shows off the enticement! Add catnip to taste….. Share this:FacebookRedditEmailDiggStumbleUpon

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Tied in Knots

From our Friends at Shop the Fifty Tied in Knots. Tie into the truth about knots. Used in everything from surgery to climbing, fashion to boating and providing functions ranging from purely decorative to life-saving, knots surround us day in … Continue reading

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